A Novel Approach to Biologics

Now therapeutic biologics can come from within

The development of recombinant biologic therapies—from replacement proteins like insulin to monoclonal antibodies used to treat cancer—marked a revolution in medical treatment. These drugs offer hope and help to patients in important ways. But biologics have their limitations. They are expensive to make and require significant infrastructure. Facilities for large-market drugs can cost more than $500 million to build and require hundreds of people to operate. The supply chain for delivering biologics into the patient often requires infusions performed by trained medical professionals in special clinical facilities. The high cost of biologic drugs limits patient accessibility to these drugs in the United States and has meant that many areas of the world are not able to incorporate biologics into medical therapy at all.

Why not manufacture biologics in the most advanced molecular factory known to man – the human body?

Biologics from within

“At SmartPharm, our vision is to transform the nature of biologics therapy to improve cost-effectiveness, enhance patient quality of life, and extend the global reach of such treatments.”

We’re shifting the source of production of therapeutic biologics from large pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to the body of the patient: biologics from within.

We are doing this by developing gene-based drugs that induce target cells to make the necessary amounts of the desired biologic therapy of interest. As a result, the scale of clinical production can be greatly reduced, and in many cases the treatment can be given as a simple injection, which does not require either specialized medical training or specialized facilities to deliver. To do this, we have focused on gene therapy approaches that do not require the use of viral vectors.