Let’s take gene-encoded therapeutics to the next level, together.

SmartPharm uses a collaborative approach that matches our strengths and resources with those of collaborating companies and organizations to develop new, high-impact gene-encoded therapeutics for important medical applications. We are open to partnerships around new nucleic acid platforms, nucleic acid delivery technologies, and development networks for specific medical indications.

  • Your nucleic acid technology can be applied to a specific indication of mutual interest using our accelerated drug development network
  • Your delivery technology can be applied to one of our specific nucleic acid constructs
  • You have a network around a specific indication of mutual interest where we could deploy a customized gene-encoded therapeutic

Our merger with Sorrento Therapeutics enhances collaborative possibilities.

We have become part of Sorrento Therapeutics to create a Gene Mab for preventing transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and to translate our platform to treatment of other serious and rare diseases. See the press release on our acquisition here.